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Where and how to buy reborn doll but not get scammed

Where and how to buy reborn doll but not get scammed

Where and how to buy reborn doll but not get scammed

Of course, I hope you can buy reborn doll in my shop. Here I give tips for you to find where to buy and how to buy reborn doll and not get scammed. Here this piece intends to introduce what is reborn doll, where reborn doll always appear, which price to buy reborn doll is reasonable, which seller is reliable, which payment should I choose. List four reliable reborn doll sellers, including us. Then make smart buying choice.

What is reborn doll?

Reborn doll is a form of figure toy which looks like a baby. They are not only toys, they are companions for kids or the elders. You can find them on amazon, aliexpress and other platform. However, we can see ashton drake and paradise galleries are two exceptions which you can always get realistic looking dolls. Dolls in the two stores have very unique design, and dolls in the two stores are more realistic than other stores.

Where reborn doll always appear?

Reborn dolls are always looking similar or the same from amazon, aliexpress, alibaba, wish and so on. They look the same, have the same materials. However, you want to buy factory directed reborn doll, you can come to our shop or buy from sole design store. Some sellers use low quality reborn doll which looks the same with other store’s to cheat consumers, they always define a low price. Thus, even if you buy cheaply, but you buy bad reborn doll which look the same with other stores. Before you buy reborn doll, you can ask seller to send you the practical image to avoid receiving a doll which is different from that you want to buy online.

Which price period is reasonable to buy a reborn doll?

If reborn dolls are too cheap. Don’t be happy that you buy a precious one. We know everything needs cost, even producing a baby doll. If price is too cheap, never buy! Pure silicone reborn doll is expensive than other material reborn doll, for silicone cost is much higher than other material cost. For the silicone is very soft, so the craftsmanship is more difficulty. Designers should carve and draw doll as real as a truly baby. There is no doubt that is difficulty to complete. Usually, one silicone reborn doll is over $100.

Which seller is reliable?

If purchasing on Facebook, ask the seller for a safety photo, and an item of your choice.  A safety photo is a written piece of paper that lists the seller's name, the reborn doll's sculpt name and artist, the reborn doll artists' name, and a recent date. So ask the artist for this, with ALL of that information, and give them an item to put in the photo to prove that they are in possession of the reborn and they are who they say they are.  For example, you can ask them to take a photo of the reborn, with the safety photo and a spoon, or a pencil or a sock, to give you an idea.

If you buy on facebook or instagram, remember to ask seller to give a practical photo and some certificates. Usually, reborn doll has the producing certificates that are safe to babies. Those certificates conform to safety requirements of ASTM F963 and EN71.

Silicone is sticky to touch. When you hug the silicone reborn doll, you will feel the baby is so soft and not sticky, they are not so hard. However, if material is vinyl, you will feel that the baby is so heavy and hard. Usually, we use silicone vinyl material to make the reborn doll. If silicone reborn doll is too cheap, you get scammed. Pure silicone reborn doll is very expensive. Then the silicone vinyl reborn, the pure vinyl reborn is most cheap.

Which payment should I choose?

You can choose paypal, credit card, master card and so on. Then leave message to seller. If seller only get money but not shipped , report seller and get refund!

Four reliable reborn doll sellers list.

Here are some other options for you to explore!

  1. - You will see thousands of professional and legitimate reborn doll on this website, you can buy pure reborn dolls , you can also find the used reborn doll for cheaper price. You can also find some new and special new dolls here.
  1. Ashton Drake - Ashton Drake has affordable and realistic reborn dolls for sale!

There are many affordable and realistic reborn dolls for sale here. Some are hand-rooted reborn doll. You can also find hand-rooted hair reborn doll on our site. Reborn dolls on Ashton Drake are vinyl and silicone materials. Those reborn dolls are breathing babies, touch-actived and heartbeats babies. Those realistic babies are vivid and transcend common dolls. You can also find each doll has a nice name.

  1. Paradise Galleries - Similar to Ashton Drake, Paradise Galleries offers first-hand,affordable, realistic reborn dolls for sale as well.  
  1. Etsy / eBay / Facebook / Instagram / Kijiji etc. -If you buy reborn doll on those platforms, ask seller more questions about reborn doll details to avoid getting scammed.

There are many scammers to pretend to sell reborn doll as a professional artist. You need to verify at time. Some sellers are selling reborns that were purchased from purchased from AliExpress, or were painted with regular acrylic paints, not professionally.  Some people use photoshop to make their babies appear more lifelike or pretty than they really are. Thus, ask seller to provide practical images to you before buying.

Facebook has a lot of  scam prevention groups.  Once you're approved in the group, you can search for the "artist" within the group to see if anyone else has outed them as a known scammer.

If you're not sure, send message to me or another trusted artist to verify the authenticity before purchasing.

After reading our piece, you must know how to buy satisfied reborn doll.

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