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Where and How to Buy Worthwhile Reborn Doll And Not Get Scammed

Where and How to Buy Worthwhile Reborn Doll And Not Get Scammed

Where and How to Buy Worthwhile Reborn Doll And Not Get Scammed

Reborn dolls are a unique product focused on good craftsmanship and quality materials; However, many people online choose to sell cheaply made copies that fail to meet the standards for these incredible products. Online scam websites will use the works of legitimate artists, such as copying the photos of fairygalleries products while sending customers who place an order for cheap, plastic, factory-manufactured dolls. This guide is here to help you avoid falling victim to these scams by telling you where to look and what to look out for when buying reborn dolls.

Finding a reliable seller is not always easy, but as you have found yourself on fairygalleries you are on the right track. While we would love to have you select one of our beautiful and consciously constructed reborn dolls for your collection, we want to ensure that you know what to look for if you search for other sellers. With the information we will give you about payments and what to look out for making smart buying choices becomes easy!

What is a reborn doll?

Reborn dolls are a form of figure toy that are created to look realistic, like a baby. Reborn dolls are not just simple toys, but rather they are companions and healing tools. Whether you are looking for a companion doll for yourself or your child, choosing the right realistic-looking doll is not always easy. Amazon, aliexpress, temu, and other big marketplaces appear to have a large selection of dolls available, however, in most cases, those are factory-manufactured dolls that are not realistic looking. However, specific sellers, such as Paradise Galleries, Ashton Drake, and Fairygalleries will normally offer you unique designs that are far more realistic than the options available in other stores.

What should you look out for when buying a reborn doll?

One of the problems online is that marketplace sellers on Amazon, Alibaba, temu, and aliexpress will usually use the photos taken by legitimate reborn doll artists and try to pass off their product as being the one depicted. However, while the photo can “lie” the product description tends to be more accurate to the product that they are selling. The product description will normally include one of the biggest indicators of whether or not this is a true reborn doll as it will disclose the type of materials that were used in the construction.

Reborn dolls are all made using the same materials, usually high-quality silicone among other weighted body options, so if you find a reborn doll that has been manufactured using different materials that is a pretty good indication that you are dealing with a dupe. Another big indication normally is the price, as these dupes will try to attract buyers who are unaware of the scam by offering a significantly lower price.

What price should you expect to pay for a reborn doll?

It is hard to say that price is one of the biggest indicators of whether or not the reborn doll you are considering buying is a true reborn doll or a dupe if you are not aware of what the average price for a doll is. Legitimate reborn dolls are not a cheap product and you should usually expect to pay around $100 or more for your doll.

This is because the pure silicone material used for the creation of these dolls is not a cheap material. What’s more, because of how soft the material is, craftmanship is more challenging and designers have to spend a longer time drawing or carving out the features and different elements of the doll.

Reborn dolls that are a scam by comparison will often be around $30 to $50 in price, in large part this price is because of the cheaper material used, and the fact that they are factory-manufactured products that lack the realism of a true reborn doll. 

How to know if a reborn doll seller is reliable?

If you are looking to buy your reborn doll secondhand through Facebook Marketplace, eBay, or even Etsy then there are a few steps you can take to help ensure that you are not going to be wasting your money. The best thing to always ask any seller for is a safety photo. This type of photo will normally include the seller’s name, the reborn doll artist and sculpt name, and the date of the doll manufacturing or purchase. If they have the receipt from a legitimate seller from the time of purchase you can also request that they provide that information for you.

Pro Tip: When requesting a safety photo or any additional photos of the reborn doll make certain to ask them to include a random item, such as a spoon, fork or can in the photo. This helps ensure that they are the ones taking the photo and that they are not just sending you a stock image.

You should also always request the producing certificates, which include the information on conformity with the safety requirements EN71 and ASTM F963, if those are available. These certificates when available can become an additional point of reference that allows you to avoid getting scammed.

What to watch out for when buying reborn dolls?

When you are looking at the photos of the reborn dolls you are planning to buy it is remember that some people will photoshop the images to make their products appear more high-quality, lifelike, and carefully crafted than they are. This is why looking at the photos is never enough and we always recommend looking at all of the product details.

A legitimate seller will usually include information not just about the material that was used for each doll, but also the crafting techniques that were used for different realistic features.

What form of payment should I choose?

Depending on the seller you can pay using your Debit or Credit Card, PayPal, and even cash if you are at a boutique. If you have the option to not make the payment until after you have seen the product then that is always a good option as it helps protect you from scams. However, if you are going to be making the payment online then make sure to do it through a trusted bank or PayPal as then you can get a refund if the seller never ships your product. This will also give you the chance to report the seller if needed.

What are some reliable reborn doll sellers?

If you are looking for options for sellers and galleries to buy reborn dolls then this list is the perfect solution for you!

  1. – With a wide selection of reborn dolls ranging from fully realistic to more SciFi-inspired dolls, such as their Avatar dolls, fairy galleries offer a unique opportunity to purchase dolls from artists at a reasonable price.
  2. – Thousands of legitimate professional reborn dolls are sold on this website. The vast selection allows you to find reborn dolls at different price ranges, as well as find a reborn doll that fits your specifications.
  3. Ashton Drake – Known for its variety of affordable and realistic reborn doll collections, Ashton Drake has several artists working to create high-quality silicone and vinyl reborn dolls. They also offer a number of more specialized models including heartbeats babies, touch-activated and breathing babies.
  4. Paradise Galleries – In many ways this platform is similar to Ashton Drake as they offer many affordable but handcrafter realistic dolls. This platform is a great option for those who are looking for an affordable option without wanting to go the secondhand route. Paradise Galleries also offers sales items, making cheaper options even more available.
  5. Resale Platforms such as Etsy, Facebook, and eBay- When purchasing through these platforms always make sure to ask for a safety photo and check our tips for avoiding getting scammed. It is also a best practice if you choose a seller that you will be able to request a refund from either directly or through your bank to avoid losing money.

Buying from a seller directly through a marketplace can usually be one of the ways that people get scammed. This is because it is easy for people to fake having a product that they do not actually have in their possession.


Purchasing a reborn doll should always be a happy time but with so many scams lurking online, it can often feel intimidating to try and buy the product you want. By looking at trusted sellers and being diligent when checking the information of your reborn doll though you will be able to easily find a doll that is perfect for your needs and looks realistic.

Start looking for your reborn doll today by scrolling through our collections!

Happy Shopping!



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