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16 Inch Platinum Silicone Baby Doll Reborn Realistic Kayla


Kayla is a baby ready for every adventure. One of the most cherished companions for children Kayla is a realistic reborn doll with a gentle demeanor that far exceeds those children are used to with modern-day plastic toys. She has already brought joy to the lives of hundreds of kids, including Nancy, an inspired six-year-old who said that Kayla was much more than a doll. As she shared every single day Kayla was waiting for her and would sit and listen without judgement as they went through a myriad of adventures. These are the types of memories that children will hold dear in their hearts forever, as it is not just playtime but true companionship as they embark on adventures together. Kayla helps teach young kids nurturing, and compassion as a child gets to care for her, feed her, and dress her much like they would do with a real baby. 

Product Features

Real Full Silicone Reborn Baby: Absolutely different with the hollow vinyl baby doll, She is full silicone and poseable,4.1lb (1860g) weighted and feels just like a newborn baby, perfect for holding, rocking, and cuddling and feels absolutely real in your arms.

Lifelike - Newborn Baby Doll: REAL BABY FEELING. she has subtle veins and capillaries, micro veins. comes with preemie clothes, She is weighted to be floppy like a newborn, hold her is so relaxing.

Silicone Reborn Baby Dimension: This baby doll is 16 inches (from head to toe), her limbs are foldable, full soft silicone body like real baby skin super floppy, bring you real-touch feelings makes her easy to cuddle like a real baby, you can interact with her as you like.

Slight Head Mark: All silicone baby have sutures on the head, which is one of the craftsmanship of making dolls, so there will be a slight marks on the head, it is not a quality problem. If you mind the head mark, please buy with caution!

Best Choice for Collectors and Mum: This lifelike baby doll has real bay skin feelings, soft and flexible limbs, wrinkled little feet. She is not only a lifelike reborn baby doll, but also a member for family, and art for collectors, a gift for anyone you love!

Warm Charm: Our newborn baby girl is eye-catching with her warm expression, adorable features, long limbs and tiny, wrinkled fingers and toes. When you hold her, feel his soft body, just like a real baby, making every hug full of warmth.

Endless fashion adventure: Unlock the world of fashion and creativity and explore the changing outfit possibilities of our baby dolls. Whether it's a cozy onesie or a stylish outfit, the possibilities are as wide as your child's imagination.

Product Info

Hair:Bare head
Eyes:Artificial acrylic eyes, clear and bright
Eyebrow:100% pur hand-drawn
Nail: 100% handmade nails
Scent: A soft baby powder scent
Material: Platinum Silicone
Gender: Girl

Take Layla Home Now

1 x Reborn doll
1 x Nursing bottle
1 x Pacifier
1 x Birth certificate
1 x Clothes set (randomly chosen)

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