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20 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Newborns and Their Mums

20 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Newborns and Their Mums

20 Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas for Newborns and Their Mums

Baby Showers are a celebration,  not only of the life that is soon to come into this world but also of the mother carrying the baby. Whether you are preparing to attend the baby shower of one of your friends or a family member, having a clear idea of the types of gifts that you can bring to help the soon-to-be mother feel appreciated while also making sure she is getting items that will be helpful to her, in the long run, it is crucial. To help make it easier for you we have prepared the perfect guide to the best 20 products you can buy an expecting mother for her baby shower.

Option 1: Practical Gifts

One of the best things to get soon-to-be parents as gifts are practical gifts. These might not be luxurious but they can often be the key to the parents saving a lot of money during the first few months.

Baby Carrier

A baby carrier is an efficient way of carrying a baby around, which also provides the parents with a solid way of bonding with their child. There are a variety of different baby carriers available from wraps to more complicated backpack-style carriers. Choosing one that is both efficient and stylish should be easy and it can be a simple yet practical gift.

Baby Food Maker

While for the first half a year or more of the baby’s life, they are unlikely to eat anything other than breast milk there will be a time when they will start teething and being interested in other foods. This is where a baby food maker can be particularly handy as it is a safe and simple way for parents to make food for their baby using only the freshest ingredients. 

Baby Monitor

Baby monitors can be the key to parents being less worried about their child when they are sleeping in separate rooms, or when they are down for a nap. Monitors can be expensive and yet most parents will choose to have multiple

Subscription to a Baby Box Service

If you want to see your gift extend to more than just the first few months of the baby’s life, then a really good idea is to offer your friend or family member a subscription to a Baby Box Service as a gift. These types of services are available in a variety of options, including services that deliver age-appropriate toys, books, activities, or other useful household products for the baby. These can help take the burden off of the parents for buying new items.

Reusable Nursing Pads

If you want your practical gift to be more focused on the mother than the baby then a great idea is buying reusable nursing pads. These can be an essential part of every breastfeeding mother’s life as they help prevent any leaks and allow for more freedom and comfort.

Option 2: Gifts for the Baby

Another great option when you are considering the types of gifts you can buy as gifts for a baby shower is focusing on gifts that are exclusively for the baby. As babies tend to grow up quite fast helping the parents with the clothes, toys and other necessities needed can truly be an incredible gift in the long run.

Baby clothes

Clothes grow in and out of clothing sizes in months if not weeks. Naturally, this means that those cute newborn outfits that the family bought to bring the baby home and to keep them dressed for the first few weeks are most likely to end up in a donation pile or storage within a few weeks. This is why when buying baby clothes for an expecting mother it is often a good idea to buy the clothes in sizes that are older than a newborn so that the family can have access to them as needed. If you don’t want to directly buy them clothes because you are uncertain about the style or sizing you can always opt for gift cards to baby clothing stores for them to use as needed.

Baby Toys

Some people believe that infants do not require as many toys as young children do, however, that is not always the case. The reality is that for many infants having soft toys, rattles or other teething items can help make the transition between different phases of their lives much easier.

Silicone Reborn Doll or Baby Doll

One of the best gifts to give a baby is a gift that is going to grow with them. Soft toys or baby dolls that look real are most often the types of gifts that people will acquire as babies, build a relationship with, and then end up having them around for the rest of their lives. Reborn Dolls are particularly good baby gifts for exactly this reason. Their durable material, often made from platinum silicone, means that the dolls will not break down as the baby is playing with them over time. The platinum silicone also does not turn yellow and the naturalistic look of the dolls can make them the perfect gift to encourage empathy in the child.

Baby Bouncer

There are a variety of baby bouncers available on the market, with some of them including vibrations. These are perfect for bounding the baby around and helping them self-soothe during the day.

Teething Toy Set

From teething sets for making ice, to other baby rattles and soft toys that the baby can chew on, toys can be particularly important for the baby’s development this is why most parents will have a variety of toys that they will try until they find the one that is best suited for the child.

Baby Accessories

Apart from clothes, you can also focus your attention on buying baby accessories. From headbands to clips and bows there are a variety of different types of accessories you can buy for a newborn. Mittens in particular can be very important as they stop a baby from scratching and hurting themselves.

Option 3: Gifts for the Parents

Sometimes you can use the baby shower to buy gifts for the parents that will help them enjoy the birth of their child while also giving them a varied list of different products that they can use to look back on the memories of their child’s first few months or years in life or to create new ones.

Baby Car Mirror

For families that love to be on the road, the baby car mirror can be the perfect solution as it will allow them to keep an eye on their child while at the same time getting closer to a new adventure. This type of gift can be particularly important for those families that were worried about how having a child could change their lives drastically and that they would no longer be able to travel and explore new places.

Baby Photo Album

While digital photographs have become the norm nowadays having a physical baby photo album or keepsake book that includes many of the baby’s first moments can be a beautiful gift for any family to look back on. If you want to make it even easier for the family this gift could be paired with a photo printer or Polaroid camera which will allow the family to bring all those digital photos to life and place them in the photo album for their baby.

Baby Travel System

A car seat and stroller combo is the perfect gift for adventure-loving families or for families that love being on the road. These systems can make traveling a lot easier as the car seat is a part of the stroller. This can be used with cars, and oftentimes on planes making it easier for people to travel from one place to the next. Being a new family does not mean that you have to stop making new memories and with a travel system exploring the world with a baby becomes more feasible and easier.

Baby Growth Chart

With babies growing so fast, having a way of documenting their growth can be an important keepsake for parents. There are many different growth chart types available, from blankets to rulers these growth charts make it simple for the new family to document their baby’s growth without the need for a lot of planning. This is another one of those simple but beautiful keepsake gifts that any new parent will treasure having in the long run.

Option 4: Gifts for the mother

One of the things that people often forget during all the excitement about a new baby, is that there is also a mother involved in this situation that has spent the last nine months carrying the baby. It is important to take this moment to pay attention to the expecting mother and buy her a few gifts that will make her life nicer and more enjoyable over the first year of her baby’s life.

Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy pillows are an excellent way for mothers to get some good sleep during the last few months of their pregnancy. Pregnancy pillows will allow expecting mothers to find positions in which they can get comfortable and have their bodies relax while their stomach is supported.

Spa Day Pass

Everyone loves to relax at the spa especially a mother who is soon to have her hands full. If you want your friends and loved ones to feel special and pampered right before they give birth, a spa day pass can be the perfect option. These types of spa days come in various options depending on your area and the availability of your local spa.

Prenatal Yoga Classes

In the same vein as the spa day pass, a prenatal yoga class pass can help the expecting mother remain relaxed and fit. These classes will not only help a mother relax while pregnant but they could also help get the mother ready to give birth more comfortably.

Prenatal Massage Gift Certificate

Prenatal massages are specifically designed to help relax a woman’s body during pregnancy. This can be a beautiful and thoughtful gift for an expecting mother as it will allow her to take a few hours out of her day and just focus on herself and her comfort. Often you might be able to pair this type of service with a spa pass for even greater relaxation and pampering.

Foot Spa massager

The extra weight during pregnancy and the swelling caused can lead to a lot of discomfort for women. This is why a foot spa massager can be the perfect gift. This is the type of machine that an expecting mother will be able to use whenever she wants from the comfort of her own home, and it is a gift that will stay with her even after giving birth. If you want to buy one of the pampering gifts but also want to buy a gift that will stay in the long run this is the perfect option.


When choosing the types of gifts to buy for a baby shower there are many different options available depending on whether you want to focus on family gifts, gifts for the baby, or the expecting mother. For parents, any gift that will help them save money and prepare for their baby can be incredibly useful. When choosing gifts specifically for the baby, choosing something that will stay with them as they grow up, such as a reborn doll, can be the perfect option. Finally, for mothers, any gift to pamper them and help them feel relaxed will allow them to enjoy their pregnancy and baby more.


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