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What types of gifts do you prefer your children to receive?

What types of gifts do you prefer your children to receive?

What types of gifts do you prefer your children to receive?

Parents can be particularly picky when it comes to the types of gifts their children get, especially because of their experiences, circumstances, and traditions. This is why it is always best to have a conversation with the children about the types of gifts they prefer. This can also help you get gift ideas for kids that you might not know as well. Educational gifts, experiences, and cash gifts are always great options for children who are passionate about learning or improving in any field. Multiplayer games, reborn dolls, and outdoor equipment and games can help foster their social skills and empathy. Finally, always consider whether or not the game you are purchasing will require a lot of maintenance and even storage options for the parents as that can make a gift more trouble than joy for a family.



Each family is different in its traditions, experiences, and situations. As such, when it comes to gift giving the types of gifts that as a parent you want your child to receive could be fundamentally different not only depending on your circumstances but also on each one of your children’s individuality and preferences. Many parents have had to over the years deal with questions regarding the types of gifts that friends and relatives should bring for their children on birthdays, holidays, or other occasions, and yet the answer remains ever-changing. Whether you are a parent searching for gift ideas for kids or someone who is planning on bringing over a gift, ensure that it will be well-used. This gifting guide is for you as it will provide you with unique insight into the type of gifting preferences that parents have.

Part 1: Gifts that all children need in their homes

Educational Gifts

The majority of parents have been shifting towards educational gifts over the years. While for a long time, most people would just think of books when it came to these sorts of gifts, that has changed over the last few years. While books remain an excellent choice and a unique opportunity to introduce a child to a world outside of the one they know, not every child or parent loves receiving books. For this reason, you could instead direct your attention to other educational gifts.

The most common type of educational games that are available include thematic games where the child is encouraged to make things, such as jewelry, or construct items. Excavation games can also be very popular, especially for children with an interest in history, fossils, and dinosaurs. All of these can be great options that will help stimulate young minds while also providing them with a fun activity that can keep them occupied.

When it comes to choosing educational games and books the first thing to always consider are the child’s existing areas of interest as those can help guide you towards the types of games that they would find most interesting.

Gifts that Spark Creativity

One of the main things that play helps young children with is building their creativity and imagination. When it comes to finding games that spark creativity you can think both inside and outside of the box. Currently, there are various DIY games available, from something as simple as bricks and modeling material to more complex games that include the material to make pots, jewelry, sweaters, clothes, buildings, or even planes. The benefit of these types of DIY games is that everything you could ever need for your child is included already in the box of the game.

However, these are not the only types of games that spark creativity. Young children over the years have played house, gone on adventures with friends in their backyard, built forts and tents, and have generally found imaginative ways to play and create interesting plots that could keep them entertained for hours. This type of community play is often associated with having the right types of props in place, as these can be fundamental to help make play appear more real.

A great example of this is having stuffed animals, dolls, utensils, and other play toys that children can use to create their games. What is unique about these types of gifts is that over the years the games can age with the child as new imaginative ways of playing are introduced to them.

Gifts that help build empathy and relationships

In today’s digital age, many parents are concerned about their children’s abilities to create meaningful relationships where they can exhibit empathy, care, and attention to others. This is why gifts that help foster those qualities can be especially important. Silicone reborn doll can be the perfect gift for a young or order child as they are the type of doll that they can form a relationship with. From dressing the doll up, to taking care of it there are many different aspects of this type of play that can help young children become more attentive and aware of the needs of others.

Part 2: Gifts that are focused on Community

Outdoors Games

For many parents, their homes are already crowded with games, which is why they often prefer that any gifts received are focused more on outdoor play. The good thing about these types of games is that they include a great variety of options from balls, to inflatable kid pools for people with backyards, to rackets and even costumes. If you live by the beach then beach buckets and other such tools could also be a great option during the summer season. All of these types of games can be used by children to encourage them to move around in their backyards and even beyond that.

Multiplayer Games

Apart from games that can keep a child entertained, there are also numerous games available that are focused on multiplayer activities. For example, if your child already has dolls, a dollhouse could help provide a multiplayer platform for them to play in. Other great examples of multiplayer games are board games as they can provide entertainment for two or more children at the same time.

Board games are important games for a child to learn to play as they can help them build the necessary social skills so that they know how to interact with others. However, choosing the right type of board game is not always easy as many of them can be overly complex or hard to understand. This is why it is particularly important to understand both the age of a child and their level of playing games. Starting with a simpler game and upgrading it as the child becomes more familiar with the concepts is usually best.

Sports Equipment

For children who regularly participate in sporting activities and events then the costs can add up quickly. Many parents would prefer that the gifts that their child receives are connected to these activities as they can both help their development while also allowing the children to save money. For example, if a child is into hockey, pads and other such equipment can truly add up, which is why getting them as a gift can be particularly helpful. What’s more, as children often have an array of games and things already, focusing on equipment can help reduce the amount of wasted items that the parents do not know what to do with.

Part 3: Gifts that remain


For many parents, gift-giving is something that they want to avoid. This in part is because after every event they end up without a lot of toys and items that their child has no interest in. For other parents, it could be that they don’t want their children to grow up entitled to gifts. As such, often instead of physical gifts, parents enjoy receiving experiences.

This could constitute various things like tickets to a local zoo, amusement park, or even museum. There is also the possibility of getting someone tickets to go watch a movie that they would enjoy and cover their trip. This gifting option allows the family to create memories without having to worry about what to do with all of the items they are gifted.

Subscriptions to Educational Magazines or Stem packages

One of the main problems with gifts especially during birthdays and holidays is that children will receive a large amount of gifts in a short period of time. This will also mean that they will start getting bored of all of the gifts that they had received around the same time. This is why in recent years there has been a draw towards gifts that will stay throughout the entire year. However, you might be unsure about the types of gifts that could be.

Well, subscription gifts can be a great variation to conventional gifts as they can help keep a child engaged throughout the school year. There are both educational subscription packages, that send each month boxes with STEM, art, and other activities, as well as subscriptions to magazines that the child could be interested in. Dinosaur, science, fashion, dance, and other thematic magazines based on a child’s interests will keep them engaged and educated on the topics they find most fascinating throughout the year.

Part 4: Generic Gifts and Food


One of the reasons why many parents do not enjoy having toys gifted to their children is because oftentimes these gifts have to stay, which means finding them a storage spot in the home just so they can make an appearance a few times a year. Food and snacks eliminate this issue as every child will have their favorite snacks and these are the types of things that they would naturally buy anyway.

Food as gifts is a great option as it helps bring down a family’s grocery bill as the child will have an on-hand supply of their favorite snacks, while also eliminating the storage problem. Parents can also make sure that the snacks are distributed over time making the gift last longer and stopping their child from overconsuming unhealthy food.

Cash and Gift Cards

Finally, there are cases where you might not know the child or family very well. In these cases, the majority of parents would prefer it if you did not guess what their child might like. Instead, a generic gift such as cash or a gift card to a popular store can be the best option. This is because this money can then be used by the family to buy the child something that they would like.

For some families, birthdays and holidays are also an opportunity for them to start saving money for their child’s future. Cash in particular can be deposited into an account for after they turn 18 or for when they go to college and can be an excellent way of helping give a gift that counts.

There is also the option that the gift cards and cash are used to fund the extracurriculars and games that the child is involved in, helping the parents out while providing the child with a gift that is actually meaningful and can help them evolve in the areas that they are most interested in.


When it comes to gift giving each parent has a different list of wants and desires that change based on their needs, circumstances, and child. The most important thing when considering gift ideas for kids is to think about what they would actually like instead of what would make them happiest. Educational gifts, twin reborn dolls, board games, sports equipment, and even cash gifts and experiences can all help provide a child with a meaningful gift that will help them grow their skills, and knowledge and improve in the areas they are most interested in. Ultimately a gift is about making another person happy, which is why each individual child will have a different thing that they like and want.


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